As a seeker of truth Roeleke is always searching for answers to the seemingly most impossible questions. Making art is the answer to her questions. The answers are not graspable, explainable or making any sense to the analytical mental mind. The truth is to be felt. 

You will find in most of her artwork geometrical shapes. The shapes and forms may be diagrams describing the dynamics of universal law. In nature, we find geometric patterns everywhere. These forms and patterns can powerfully communicate with the subconscious mind. They are the building blocks of nature, the geometrical archetypes that symbolises the crystallisation of the ‘thoughts’ of universal intelligence.

Art to her is what ties and glues all parts of life together. It’s love expressed. We may not know anything for sure, but we can somehow know by what we intuitively sense. That what is being communicated in between thoughts, words, lines, colors and brushstrokes. 

Life Is art! Roeleke believes that we are all here to discover and express ourselves in our unique ways, to inspire, heal, share and be who we are. We are all walking each other home. 

It’s her wish that her paintings help you on your journey in finding the truth of who you are.

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