How can I order an artwork?
You can buy artworks directly from the art shop. If you want or require assistance you can always contact me via email or call.

What are the payment possibilities?
I accept payments via PayPal, credit card, electronic bank transfers and cryptocurrency. Contact me if you like to pay in cryptocurrency.

Where do you ship?
To over 30 different countries. Almost all of the domestic and international shipments are done with FedEx.


Is the production process environment friendly?
Yes, the process is environment- friendly. The inks are chemical free water-based inks and have no harmful effect on the environment. The types of paper mostly consist of natural resources, and are ph-neutral and free of chemical, aggressive whiteners and glues.


Can rent and/or expose your art?
Yes! If you think my artwork would benefit your office space or restaurant, or you know a gallery where my art could be exposed to the public, contact me.



What is the delivery time?
We do not have standard delivery dates or order processing times. A lot of the artworks are made-to-order and customers can select custom finishes with varying production times. As a guideline these are our approximate worldwide order processing and shipping times: Unframed Fine Art Prints: 5 -10 business days, HD finish – 14- 16 business days

How do the prints get delivered?
The prints are carefully packed and shipped in a tube with a diameter of at least 4.7″/12 cm. They come with white gloves, so no fingerprints will be left on the print.


What does ea mean?
“EA” is short for Épreuve d’Artiste. These are extra prints that are made on behalf of the artist. The prints (maximum 10% of the entire edition) are part of the private collection of the artist. Uses as a gift to friends or for special occasions. When an edition has been completely sold out, the EA’s are the only ones left for sale for galleries. EA’s are usually sold at a higher price because they are the last available copies in an edition. EA’s are also labeled as Artist Proofs.