All artworks have something to tell/teach. They hold and radiate a certain frequency. The mind responds to form, shapes and colors, more than it does to words.  

I am sharing with you what this journey has taught me and what every artwork means to me. It is oftentimes weeks later when the message becomes more clear to me. Journey along with me by reading the following. 

Take me back

BE FREE- 9 november 2018  

After 2 years of traveling and living around the world, I found a place where I could place my bed again, or better said it found me. Michiel and Carina, two people I met in Norway, offered me to live in an apartment/loft in an old warf in Edam (NL). It would be taken down within 8 months, for a new project, until then it was all mine. In moved there in spring 2018. They told me I could do with the place whatever I wanted and so I did. One room transformed very quickly into an art studio, while the walls of my living room turned into murals. 

The first couple of weeks of being back and having my own space again was pretty intense. After years of dedicated focus on spirituality and self discovery, going from one retreat to another, made me realize that my search had ended. Not because I was self realized or enlightened, but it dawned on me nothing in this world, no guru, no friend, no waiting for another mystical experience was going to help me any further. It was just between me and me. I had to break free from my own limitations of the mind, to live what I knew in my heart to be true, and that I had to go alone.

I was coaching a couple of people and 2 nights a week, I served tables at Italian Restaurant ‘La Galera’ to support myself financially. I loved working there and to serve people. It helped me get out of my hermit mode and to “land” on earth again, in a ‘normal’ world, with normal’ people, living ‘normal’ lives. It helped me to ground myself and settle down a bit.

One day new menu cards arrived and they let me take the old ones home. The next day I turned on the camera and I started to rip the cards apart, and while doing so, for some reason, tears streamed down my face. Three days and nights later, BE FREE came to life including this video. As soon as I shared the video online I was getting requests of people if they could buy it. I sold it to an amazing Indian woman living in London, who described to me what this artwork meant to her. Her story about the freedom touched me. 

I realized that this artwork was not just a quote I was inspired by just because ”La Galera”, means Jail in Italian. It was a crystal clear message to me and apparently a reminder for others.

Freedom is on the menu! The question is: Am I and are WE ready and courageous enough to keep on choosing it by trusting the unknown beyond the limitations of the mind? 

What if I actually have no clue what my life is going to look like or think what it is supposed to become? What if I totally let go of all the ideal plans and ideas I have been working on for so long? What if the plans and ideas are the limitations that keeps me in the jail of the mind? What if I drop it all and deliberately choose for what wants to happen now instead of what I think is supposed to happen? 

…A new beginning.  And this artwork is the symbol of it. 

If you are in living in the Netherlands or visiting the Netherlands. It’s worth visiting beautiful Edam. Amsterdam, but then tiny. And of course have your Lunch or Dinner at Italian Restaurant La Galera. Delicious food and amazing people. 

PUZZLED –  9th of january 2019

After living in Edam for almost 9 months, I moved to a big old beautiful monastery in Bussum, where 11 friends were living together. People who I admire, who are choosing freedom and inner alignment above all else and are paving the way for others to exit the so called matrix. Living together with a group of like minded people was a dream coming true. Even thought we have to walk our paths alone, I realized that it doesn’t mean that we have to BE alone. 

Open and eager for new possibilities, without having a plan, only the sense of my hearts vision. The gratitude for where this bittersweet journey had brought me, sparked a lot of creativity. 

 It didn’t take long before Puzzled was born. I had funky visions and constantly saw geometrical patrons. It puzzled me. One time, in the middle of the night, I made a quick sketch of what I saw on paper and fell a sleep. The day after I had to paint it. The whole painting process brought me in a state of total surrender, for hours and hours in a row I sat on the floor. I couldn’t stop and within two days it was finished. In a state of flow, surrendered to That which Knows. 

This is one of my personal favorites. More than ever I felt a deep trust in the bigger part of me, in the infinite intelligence that is available and takes care of everything. When I look at the painting, something profound is being communicated. Something is being revealed that I can’t put into words or even understand from a mental viewpoint. Something knows and I only have to surrender and trust that what knows! 

Trust, Faith in infinite intelligence is what this painting radiates. With a childlike innocence. I realized that no great idea or plan is better than the feeling of total trust and faith in something bigger than myself. 

Frequency: Faith, trust, childlike innocence. 

I encourage you to spend some time with the painting. Let it take you in. 

And if you wanna use and challenge your mind, Here is nice little puzzle. 
1. See if you can discover and count the cubes. How many do you count?
2. Which line does not ‘belong’ or is ‘random’ according to the rest of the painting?
3. Can you discover a pattern in the colors? Which 3 colored ‘fields’ stand out of that pattern? 

Did you find the answers? I encourage you not to share or talk about it, let others find out for themselves and have their own process, then afterwards you can both share about your process and talk about the discoveries you both had. This allows for some more fun. 😉  If you feel like sharing some thoughts with me, send a email to

THE KEY –  15th january 2019

An art creation where a thousand things can be said about. I would love for you to have a look at it and see and feel for yourself. 

To me this artwork explains and symbolizes the key, to me, you, the universe and all in creation. 

Ten days after I finished it I put it on the wall in the dining room of the monastery, because we were having a group of people over. One of our guests stared at it and was moved by it. We talked for hours and as we talked, I realized that this artwork represents all the things I’ve always known to be true. And the best part was to connect with someone over it who recognized this truth. This man has become a great support to me in the process of making the art available to you. Thank you Murray for your love and support on this journey and for helping me to bring it to the world today. 

The background of the artwork is made out of pages of the book “Accelerated living” by friend and teacher Bentinho Massaro. 

Frequency: Ultimate freedom, resolvement, understanding. 

INCLUSION –  27th of january 2019

This is the 4th artwork of this serie. This painting was already finished before I even started. I sensed it, I saw it and I painted it. I felt clear and in the receiving mode the entire process. Time seemed to pass by without any notice. It unfolded rapidly while it became more clear and detailed along the way. I felt grounded. It’s the energy of this painting, grounded, clear with a strong vision. Even it’s name was clear and solid, no thoughts about it. Nothing and no-one is excluded, all is related, linked and connected without exceptions. It’s the message of this painting. Right after it was finished, I put it on the wall. But when I was looking at it the next day while having dinner, I had to take it to my art studio again to correct one specific line. This energy is precise and on point. Focusses on the precision of all parts, while having the whole in mind. It’s what makes all the difference in life as well. I admire this painting. 

Energetic blueprint: grounded, clarity, vision & community 

It’s an invitation. 

It could belong to and benefit companies, start ups and individuals in the realization of their vision, staying grounded, in peace. And to remain connected during the executive proces. 

4 FACES, 6 EDGES – 15th of february 2019

This painting has a calm neutral, yet sharp and somewhat chaotic energy. This painting teaches me about the inherent neutrality in every situation and every moment. Nothing is what seems to be at face value and nothing has buit in meaning, apart from the meaning you give to things. We see everything from a certain perspective and give it meaning according to our believes. Every perspective is as true as it is not. 

If you look at this painting, you see lines and colors, if you look a little longer you see triangles, if you look deeper than you will see that all triangles are part of a tetrahedron, 3 triangles that are visible, one that is invisible. There are infinite points of view to look at something. All are equally valid. To understand the different perspectives, we have to look deeper into different points of view, without judgement and at the same time we have to zoom out in order to see the larger context where it it is all happening. In the bigger picture, all points of view resolve and disappear once it has been seen that it is all part of one painting, one truth. All can be perceived from infinite perspectives, with each their unique colors, flavors, shapes and forms.

Energetic blueprint: Self love. diversity, embracing, neutrality, peace

GOD’S CHAMBRE – 24th of March 2019

God is in everything. In every person, in every house, In every flower, tree, animal, emotions, thoughts and experiences. Even in all mistakes, pains and in all struggles! It’s all part of creations and of the same awareness. God is awareness. To see everything as a part of God is to see all of yourself. Creation is God’s house, in all forms, shapes and colors and beyond all shapes and colors. Within the manifested and in the unmanifested. In the seemingly objects & subjects and in light & dark.  In nothingness and everything-ness. 

It means freedom to be, to create, to play, To be THIS or to be That. To be something and to be nothing. To think want you want, to be who you are or to be what you want to be. There is no judgment. We are never able to change what we truly already are but we have the freedom to be what we want to be. There are many infinite chambers in God’s house, ultimately there is just one house. 

Energetic blueprint: Creation, Self expression, appreciation & Celebration, Joy, transparency. Perfection.