ALL artworks are limited editions of A total of 99

The artworks are available on two materials. On paper and on metal. Certified Art Glicee is a new and contemporary printing medium that adheres to the highest standards set by artists, museums and art collectors for graphic art. 

Scroll down to learn all about the materials and the available measurements in cm and inches. 


Certified Art Glicee

Giclée originates from the French verb ‘gicler’ which means misting or jetting. With this technique high quality inks are sprayed in various layers of colors on special fine art paper, German Etching, 310 gsm. 

Certified Art Giclées always come with an embossed Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate mentions all relevant details about the edition. It features an image of the artwork, the name of the artist, title, website, edition size, any EA’s and the name of the master printer. The Certificates are embossed with the Certified Art Giclée™ logo and are numbered and signed by the artist and master printer. This Certificate also acts as a guarantee for the long lastingness of the artwork.

  • Signed and numbered
  • Artist Certificate of Authenticity
  • Certified Art Giclée quality Hallmark and logo
    guarantees the highest museum-grade quality and lastingness
  • Comes with a note by the artist
  • Ships in a tube.  Frame excluded


The HDFinish is a new dimension in experiencing printed art. HDFinish surpasses older printing and framing methods like Lambdaprints, acrylic glass variants and prints on Dibond. The prints are created on metal through the process of dye sublimation. Using this full color printing technique images are not printed onto the metal surface but inks and pigments are infused directly into specially coated sheets of aluminum under extreme heat.

The result is a scratch resistant artwork with phenomenal colors and sharpness and unparalleled clarity and vibrancy. HDFinish is also archival quality (100 years). We attach a frame to the back of the aluminum panel so that the artwork arrives ready to hang. The result is a light and beautiful artwork that appears to ‘float’ when hanging on a wall.

  • Signed and numbered
  • Artist Certificate of Authenticity
  • Comes with a note by the artist
  • Ships flat

The measurements listed for the unframed works are those of the printed surface and not the paper size. All unframed prints on paper are shipped with a white 2.5″/5 cm margin on all sides that is commonly used for numbering and signing and to allow for custom framing. 

Real-life measurements can deviate slightly from those listed on the site because we round-off to whole numbers online.

cm – inches

40 x 40  –  15.6 x 15.6
50 x 50  –  19.7 x 19.7
60 x 60  –  23.6 x 23.6
70 x70  –  27.6 x 27.6
80 x 80  –  31.5 x 31.5
90 x 90  –  35.4 x 35.4

All artworks are available in it’s original size, witch means that BE FREE is also available on 111 x 111  –  43.7 x 43.7  and The Key on 100 x 100  –  39.4 x 39.4.